Sport Massage

During physical activity, muscle tension builds up in the body’s soft tissue due to an accumulation of waste material and possible micro-trauma, with slight swelling in the muscles. By stimulating the blood circulation through the area with massage, the metabolic waste is removed more effectively and fresh blood from the arteries arrives to supply the repair and nutritional needs.

The most common of all sports injuries is the overuse injury resulting in soft tissue tearing and the onset of secondary muscle tension and the formation of scar tissue. Biomechanical faults may develop as natural movement patterns alter and can ultimately lead to many problems both locally as well as other parts of the body.

Sports massage can involve a variety of techniques such as deep tissue, stretching, pressure points, heat packs, and myofascial release.

Sports massage is used as an injury prevention or to address pain or assist in recovery.

*Elizabeth is currently not offering sport massage.